~satanic femininity~ (poison_grrl) wrote,
~satanic femininity~


soooooooooooo i have made my journal friends only now, so if you wanna read it (i don't blame if you don't :p) then just add me or leave a comment and i'll add you back :D rah rah!

thank you good bye...
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Just wondered if you were interested in buying stuff...I have a community garagesale_ Thanks.
This is going in my journal, and I'm adding you :)

LoL Just wonderin...whats up with the cat bread?
i see you have some great bands listed as interests. add me?

Deleted comment

Hi hun its rachel can you add me ??
Have our paths crossed? I see we're both satanicangel666 friends and we both live in Birmingham and like some of the same bands. Do you drink in Eddies? Have we met?
you joined ukshop i can't accept it until you join ukshop_feedback, but i won't deny you, i'll just wait until you join the feedback journal, feel free to delete this once you've read it.
*waves* heeeey!! I'm adding you coz I'm buying the 'Muters from you and you seem cool :oD

Hope you don't mind!
hey I just wondered if you'd managed to find those two polka dot tops you mentioned in thriftstoreuk in this post, I did email you but you never replied, thx


December 17 2006, 15:39:28 UTC 10 years ago

Hey, just so you know, that BTSSB coat Decadent dolls is trying to sell you 200GBP/390USD or so, she bought it for like 120USD here:


and she even made the seller pay shipping.
Just thought you might since she's wanting you to "Make an offer".
Hi, sorry to bug you in your LJ but I deleted your comment by accident once I got home, could you E-Mail me: Decadentdolls[@]googlemail.com about the BTSSB coat. :) Happy Christmas
Hi, just saw the above post. It's up to you if you want to go for the coat or not. I have no idea what these people's problems are! Anyway let me know what you would like to do... :)
hey sorry to post on ur personal journal but if u still lik those tops, how about £20? if u can add a pound or somethin for psotage. if not il try do £20. let me no via field_of_dark_daisy ooor postin on my personal journal.

thnks xx